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Creative Cuba

Programa - Creative Cuba
  • Duration: 7 Days / 6 Nights
  • Category: Incentive Travel
  • Related destinations: Varadero, Matanzas, La Habana
  • From: $1150

Incentive Program that recreates our culture and traditions and offers exclusive activities for your company

activity programme

Día 1


  • Arribo por el Aeropuerto Internacional José Martí en la Habana.
    Bienvenida y asistencia por guías y representantes del DMC. Traslado al hotel.
    Check-in privado en el Hotel iberostar Packard.
    Entrega de equipaje a las habitaciones por el mismo servicio de maleteros contratados en el traslado.
    Cóctel de bienvenida y grupo musical de pequeño formato.
    Cena ligera en el Hotel de bienvenida
     Observaciones:
    *Servicio de maleteros contratado al hotel para el traslado de los equipajes de los clientes desde la zona de salida hasta los ómnibus.
    **Los ómnibus se señalizan con el logo de la empresa
    ***Se sugiere los ómnibus completan su capacidad a la medida en que los clientes salgan y marchen al hotel , en cada bus el guía le da la bienvenida y le ofrece información colegiada de las actividades del día , sitio del check en el bus se les ofrece una botella de agua

    ****En dependencia del horario de arribo del vuelo se alternan y acomodan el orden de las actividades.
    *****Se habilita un área de información y atención en el hotel para el grupo exclusivamente.
    ******Todas las habitaciones contemplan un regalo de bienvenida que usarían en actividades días posteriores (típico cubano).

Days 2


  • Arrival at José Martí International Airport in Havana. Welcome and assistance by guides and representatives of the DMC. Transfer to the hotel. Private check-in at hotel Iberostar Packard. Luggage will be taken to the rooms by the same porter service hired in the transfer. Welcome cocktail while enjoying a small-format musical band. Light welcome dinner at the hotel.

    - Remarks :
    * Porter service hired from the hotel to handle clients' luggage from the airport arrival hall to the buses.
    ** Buses will be marked with the company logo
    *** It will be suggested that buses will reach their max capacity as clients leave for the hotel; in each bus a local guide will welcome and offer information about the activities of the day, the place for the check-in aboard the bus and offers them a bottle of water
    **** Depending on the flight’s arrival time, they alternate and accommodate the order of activities.
    ***** An information and service area will be set up in the hotel for the group exclusively.
    ****** All rooms will include a welcome gift (typical Cuban souvenir).

Days 3


  • 08:30 hrs. Breakfast at the hotel.

    09:30 hrs. Meeting in the hotel lobby for the departure by bus to the city tour of modern part.
    09.45am. Panoramic tour along avenida Paseo Martí (Paseo del Prado), past the Capitol Building, outside University of Havana, through Vedado district next to the junction of 23rd and L streets, Revolution Square and the Bosque de La Habana (Havana Woods). There will be a stop for pictures at Revolution Square.
    11:30 hrs. Stop at dance club Salón Chévere for interactive salsa classes in the outdoor space.
    2:00 hrs. Lunch based on a typical Cuban Peasant meal served at Rancho Palco Restaurant. Included are peasant traditions and Cuban repentismo, among other surprises
    16:00 hrs. Transfer in classic American cars, authentic rolling jewels of Cuban automotive, back to the hotel, touring the Miramar district along 5th Avenue and the well-known Havana seawall Malecón.
    17:00 hrs.-20: 00 hrs. Free time.
    08:30 hrs. Walk to the Museum of Fine Arts where in its inner central patio buffet dinner will be served as catered by the hotel banquet services. It includes an exchange with a Cuban musician widely known locally and internationally.
    10.00 p.m After dinner or during the dinner, musicians will make a musical review of Cuban genres such as danzones, cha cha cha and other traditional dances.
    00.00 Return to the Hotel on foot

Days 4


  • 09:00 hrs. Breakfast at the hotel
    10:00 hrs. Transfer by bus to Matanzas and Varadero.
    11:30 hrs. Stop by the viewpoint of Monserrate. The former Hermitage of Monserrate, one of the significant oratories of the nineteenth century, a jewel of colonial architecture. Tasting of a delicious and refreshing piña colada with a panoramic view of the Yumurí Valley and the city of Matanzas.
    12:30 pm. Panoramic tour of Matanzas. City full of traditions, culture and history. Cradle of poetry, danzón, rumba and mambo. Explanatory facts about its name of colonial origin and of the most important sites (Sauto Theater, Building and Plaza de la Vigía, Plaza de la Libertad, Palace of the Junco family or others).
    2:00 hrs. Arrival at Hotel Meliá Internacional. Clients will head direct to lunch.
    15:30 hrs. Check-in and release of classic rooms.
    16:00 hrs. Free time

    20:00 hrs. Private buffet-style dinner at the hotel's "Cubano" restaurant.

Days 5


  • 07:30 hrs. Breakfast at the hotel.
    08:30 hrs. Departure by bus to Marina Gaviota Varadero to join the excursion Crucero del Sol.
    09:00 hrs. Arrival at the Marina, be ready for an unforgettable ride on a catamaran. Including are stop to appreciate coral reefs, with snorkeling, life animation, competitive games and interaction of crew with the clients. It also includes a hotel food service and interacting with dolphins at “Rancho Cangrejo” dolphinarium.
    2:00 hrs. Lunch at the Cayo Blanco ranch. Dream island on the north coast of Varadero. Menu based on exquisite sea products. Private sun beds and beach area
    04:30 hrs. Return to the Marina.
    15:00 hrs. Return by bus to the hotel.
    15:45 hrs. Free time in the hotel.
    08:00 hrs. Transfer by bus.
    08:40 hrs. Flamenco dinner in the outside areas of restaurant "La Campana" in Josone Park that is located in the town of Varadero or arranged in the outside areas of the exclusive Mansion Xanadu There will be a show with touches of Flamenco and Rumba
    00:00 hrs. Back to the hotel

Days 6


  • Morning-Afternoon Time at your disposal, arrangement of animation activities for the group by thehotel's entertainment team: Cuban games, dominoes, beach volleyball, rope pulling and others in various areas of the hotel
    09:00 hrs. Farewell White Dinner on the beach decorated for the occasion with flower patterns. It includes live Cuban music and the throwing of flowers into the sea as observed in the Afro-Cuban traditions.

Days 7


  • Free morning
    13.00 hrs. Check-out (One hour late check-out will be pre-arranged as courtesy)
    14.00 pm Lunch at the hotel
    15.00 hrs. Direct transfer by bus to the international airport "José Martí" in Havana.
    Farewell cocktail organized at a given meeting point in the city of Havana where the latest souvenirs of the trip will be handed out.

    * This program will be modified based on actual flight schedules for check in at the airport.

    …………………………END OF ARRANGEMENTS…………………………………….

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