Frequently Asked Questions

Which is free policy?

The amount of pax free in each group depends on the season and number and Services, CubaGrouPlanner in its offer detail this point as one of the added values.

Never by telephone, please kindly process it through our emails, in Spanish or English.

Three hours before departure you must be at the airport, Please you should add the distance in time from the place where you are to the airport. You will be informed by our representative according to the tourist zone from where the group should be moved.

Two hours before departure you must be at the airport, Please you should add the distance in time from the place where you are to the airport. You will be informed by our representative according to the tourist zone from where the group should be moved.

Services must be 100% prepaid at least 30 days before the arrival of the group the details of bank accounts and the beneficiary will receive by sending our invoice after confirmation of services. 20% down payment is required for reservations at the time of confirmation of services.

The general condition of the main avenues in the most important cities of the country is good. National Highway, which covers from the west to the center of the country deserves special attention: There is no night lighting as well as being frequented by cycles, tractors, animal-drawn vehicles and others, and therefore requires special caution by drivers . Moving between provinces it is not recommended at night.

For both ,partial and total cancellations please check the cancellation policy that is included in the main offer that CubaGrouPlanner send you ,it can vary according to season, number and guest rooms and contracted services.

Hurricane season is between the months of June to November, but nothing to fear, the possible effect is known with so much time in advance. Authorities are able to ensure safety and integrity of the guests.

During the tours we suggest to keep it at the hotel in safe box. It is convenient to bring a photocopy that may identify the guest at any time.
For hotels accommodation and day use the clients must submit the original passport. The Hotel reserves the right to photocopy or scan the passports of each client.

Personal representing CubaGrouPlanner can even stay with the group and be available, You will always have people contactable in each tourist destination, as well as assistance in each concerted activity.

The permits issued by each country are accepted, although in Cuba. All cars and jeeps include insurance.

No, it is not the company policy, anyway of course CubaGrouPlanner can suggest and deal exceptions.

No. The visa must be issued at the Consulate of Cuba in their country of origin. The Tourist Card can also be purchased at the airport before leaving the country of origin and is mandatory for travel to Cuba.

If the hotel organize an open bar service just to serve our group, this service is charged by hour.

Each client individually in a hotel all inclusive should be able to book the specialized Restaurants, in the case of group bookings they are blocking and disabling other spaces for hotel guests. This deference means a supplement.

Yes. CubaGrouPlanner during the negotiation of the group will make you proposals.

The group must be governed by the conditions previously agreed by the parts. Any extra consumption in the country should be taken centrally by the person responsible in front of the group and paid in the country. Any other variant will be analyzed by both parts.

CubaGrouPlanner may vary, or add services according to the client's interests, and always with a minimum of time to provide an operational response. Total or partial cancellation of a service being the group already in the country is not accepted. The group pays for the figures initially agreed.

There are some items that cannot be entered into the country in accordance with applicable customs regulation. ( the same, or similar, will be offered as rental in Cuba. In the case of souvenirs and other items to deliver to the group, CubaGrouPlanner must receive the list with a minimum of three months before to manage their entry.

The inspection trip should do the same program as the group. It is 100% invoiced, the price vary according to the season in which it is performed. Once the group materialized the parties agree to the deduction of a% of the payment of the final invoice of the group, depending on the number of clients in site inspection and services for group finally confirmed.

All meals, some beverages, non-motorized water sports and entertainment in the hotel. Each hotel has peculiarities in its all-inclusive system, CubaGrouPlanner will inform you in each case.

With the rooming of the group you must send at least full name, passport number with expiration date and birthday date. Important to order the list by type of room, food allergies, pre-existing dietary habits must be informed.

It is a must to travel with medical insurance, you should inform your insurance company that the group will travel to Cuba, they will comment on whether it is compatible and suitable for travel to Cuba.

Depending on the type of event, the discount is set to the registration fee and the price of the tour package similar to the delegate forever. However, passengers can enjoy special discounts on programs and excursions for accompanying congressional always contacting CubaGrouPlanner.

No, the all-inclusive price is the same , eating or or not at the hotel with all meals included.